Cellulose air cooler (KA80P)postage date : 1397/11/01

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Technical specifications of KA80P evaporative air cooler:        D class

Technical specifications:

Blower wheel has a one piece construction and is dynamically balanced therefore,has a very low noise factor.

The bearings are specially designed for this purpose and have very tight tolerance with a long life.

Filter pads:

The filter pads have uniform thickness for best air throughout and evaporation of water.


The body and other different parts of air cooler are made of galvanized steel sheet, which gives very long life against corrosion.(the coating mass is 220 gsm , gr/m2 in both side)




Net weight:78kg

Curing temperature of paint:200 C0

Electricity voltage: 220 V

Capacity of air flow:8000 m3/hr ,4700 cfm

Power of electromotor: 3/4 HP

The perfect solution for hot and dry summer


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