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Kaveh Kavir company:

Kaveh Kavir company, carrying out its activities in water heating, and air conditioning sectors, was established in Kashan in 1997. Since its establishment, Kaveh Kavir has made contributions to the development of Iranian industry, realized many new investments, provided advanced technology to its consumers, and increased the quality in the sector every day such as


A class for energy lable in evaporative air cooler.

Kaveh Kavir provides service to its customers with its widespread vendor organization, which has a robust engineering infrastructure, regarding both product sales and Iranian system providing. And provides immediate after-sales services with its strong service organization by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Today, Kaveh Kavir is the leader in Iranian heating and cooling sector with its widespread authorized dealer, authorized service, and sales point network.

Kaveh Kavir, incorporated by the leader company of world cooling sector, Australian company, in 2015, combines the important steps it takes in export with its leadership in the domestic market, also by the contribution of this synergy.


R&D Activities

In the projects realized within the scope of Kaveh Kavir R&D activities, the software and hardware designed by Kaveh Kavir R&D engineers are used, and the objective is meeting the developing and changing consumer needs to the highest level.

With the implementation of strategic use of environmental, renewable and alternative energy resources and efficiency, producing individual solutions with system approach, and automation-communication technology, solar energy systems, cascade solutions, and smart control systems are among the basic R&D subjects.


Our Quality

In Iranian kaveh kavir factories, quality systems are applied within a comprehensive process from raw material/material entry to subsidiary industry assessments, from production to control at shipping point. In production, all employees undertake quality responsibility as a principle with OPF (one-piece-flow) technology.


Kaveh Kavir, which initiated its export activities in 60000 by selling evaporative air cooler to Iraq and Jordan, exports to more than 5 countries. We aim at establishing long-term cooperation with our partners in the countries we export to, and carry out our activities within a structure indicating the power of our brand also in these markets


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email : info@kavehkavir.com